About Us

Lauderdale Lakes Country Club is a regulation 9-hole golf course located six miles north of Elkhorn.  With its smaller greens and narrow fairways, the course provides a challenge for the experienced golfer and is a wonderful place for beginners to learn to appreciate the game.

Course History

The course opened in 1921 and a portion of the rustic clubhouse you see today dates back to the 1920s. In the 1930s, Edward Hawks Ravenscroft purchased the golf course at a court-ordered sale to save it from bankruptcy. Mr. Ravenscroft redesigned the course, and is responsible for the current course layout. Given this history, the course is customary with the architecture of the time, with smaller greens and narrow, undulating fairways.

The 45 acre golf course is loaded with mature trees, natural terrain, and history. Our water tower, which was originally built in the 1930s and served the water needs for the clubhouse, has been a Lauderdale Lakes landmark for decades. It had fallen into disrepair, however, and it was recently restored in honor of Edward Hawks Ravenscroft, the course’s architect, long-time lake resident, and avid golfer. Mr. Ravenscroft’s family, the Lawrence Myers family, continues to reside at Lauderdale Lakes and generously donated the funds necessary to restore the water tower, install the surrounding gardens and water feature, and design a new scorecard.

The scorecard for the original course layout in the 1920s included a name for each of the nine holes on the course. Since the course has been redesigned since then, we recently renamed the holes. Some of them pay homage to the course’s history and are similar to those in the 1920s, and some are references to Lauderdale landmarks.

After Mr. Ravenscroft’s purchase of the golf course in the 1930s, the course has been “saved” several more times, having seen a handful of owners over the years. Owners have included the historic Sterlingworth Hotel, a small group of Lauderdale homeowners, and most recently, the Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District.

In the 1990s, property owners in the Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District voted to purchase the golf course to save it from development. Many of those long-time residents learned to play golf at Lauderdale, and people often tell us they have been playing the course for 50 or 60 years. The course has been placed in a conservancy so that it can never be developed and will be a place for golfers to enjoy the game for generations to come.